The solar eclipse that cast a shadow sweeping from Oregon to South Carolina drew the attention of millions gazing upward at the celestial event. While it was awe-inspiring from the ground, it was also pretty spectacular from above. NOAA shared satellite time lapse videos of the moon's shadow crossing the continent on Monday, showing most of the country falling into at least some level of darkness as the three celestial bodies involved did the dance through space that caused the phenomenon.

If you were one of the many disappointed by the cloud cover that impacted much of Minnesota and Wisconsin, more eclipses are on the way - with some not that far into the future. The next total eclipse that will sweep across the country will be in April of 2024, moving from Texas up toward New England.for folks in Minnesota and Wisconsin, we'll see only a partial eclipse for this event. If you can hold out until September of 2099, however, there is a total solar eclipse set to sweep across Minnesota. This eclipse will see the path of totality move from roughly the Fargo area toward the Twin Cities.

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