Mad Max: Fury Road’s breakout heroine Furiosa is getting her own prequel spinoff, but the fate of her future remains unknown. Played by Charlize Theron in the 2015 flick, Furiosa ended up reuniting with the matriarchal Vulvani clan. But director George Miller has some other ideas about Furiosa’s destiny, which he shared in an interview with Josh Horowitz as a part of New York Comic Con. Essentially, Furiosa has the capacity to become a hero, or the complete opposite. Check out the clip below:

“There’s two ways to go. One is utopian. I imagined the first thing she’d do in line with that is go up and release the water,” shares Miller. While that might be the more rosy ending for Furiosa, there is an alternative route — becoming a tyrant herself. Miller relays author Joseph Campbell’s theory, which is much more bleak. “Campbell said that the usual story is that today’s hero becomes tomorrow’s tyrant,” Miller explains. “You love what you’ve built, or saved, too much.... You develop the dogma and basically then you have to protect it. That tends to be the rhythm of these things.”

So which is it? Savior to all, or double-crossing snake in the grass? Miller optimistically believes in the former: “I think she’s too smart to fall into that trap. She’s already seen it with the Immortan Joe. I believe he went through the same process. He was probably a heroic character in his own time.”

While we might never see either outcome for ourselves, we'll certainly learn more about Furiosa’s life in her prequel. Maybe that will clue us into what type of character she really is. However, Theron will not be returning for the project, a casting decision she described as “heartbreaking.” So when that spinoff does roll around, it will truly feel like a new Furiosa.

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