Boy did I have a rude awakening this morning. First off , we are used to the cat dragging things into the house or to our doorstep, but our dog is on a tie out in the front yard, so she has never caught or found anything  thankfully. But, today she made a grim discovery. I let her out to go to the bathroom at the insane hour of 5am, and as soon as I let her out I saw her run to something  laying on the frozen ground.

I grabbed a pair of shoes, and much to my dismay it was a wild bunny that, well let's just say, was no longer with us. Sad :( I was totally freaked out and thought gross what do I do now? Wrapping up the bunny in a bag I had to dispose of it, and as I was walking around the side of the house I heard a distinct Hoot Hoot. Yes an Owl!

The elusive Owl that I have sworn I have heard before , but have never seen. We live in the city, here in Duluth, so would seem odd that a Owl would hang out in a more urban environment. The louder his Hooting got the faster I ran. I am convinced that I snatched up his breakfast. So all I ask is next time please don't drop it off in our yard , take it to go. O.K. Mr. Owl?