The burning question that needs to be answered once and for all, what is the official name for when you get tacos that are in a bag and portable? 

Taco In A Bag or Walking Taco?

This is the question we need answered. I've called it Taco In A Bag forever, seeing it called that in most hockey arenas around Northern Minnesota. I didn't hear anyone call it Walking Taco until I went to college and someone casually mentioned how they wanted a Walking Taco for lunch. I had to ask him again to make sure I wasn't hearing it wrong.

Is it just a hockey thing to call it a Taco In A Bag? Is Walking Taco more of a common name for the food item than I thought? Is it ok to always ask for extra cheese? Ok, that one is just a question I have.

These are the questions I have for people who call it a Walking Taco. So now we need the help of the people to officially declare a winner.

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