There are a lot of things to like about Thanksgiving. It's one of the few days when time just stops and we come together with our loved ones (weird though they may be) to give thanks for all the things we may otherwise take for granted.

There's the food. Oh, the food. On one day in late November, our houses turn the buffets of Las Vegas into the equivalent of a fridge filled with nothing but expired milk and a head of lettuce that is just begging you to throw it out.

There are the football games. Most Americans will park their keesters on the couch if there's a pigskin on it, even though the day is made less entertaining each year because the Lions play.

There's the family. We get to spend some time with people we may not see too often and it's nice to catch up, even if they are slightly bonkers. It's a good reminder that family will always be there for us. Well, maybe not always, but most of the time. And if not most of the time, surely they're there sometimes, right?

There are the sales. Yes, Thanksgiving means the starting pistol for the holiday shopping season has been fired. And they seem to start earlier and earlier each year, don't they? You can finish your dinner, lift your overfilled belly over the table, get up, drive to one of many stores and shop until you're in debt.

Thanksgiving is truly the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. So, tell us what you like best about this most American of holidays.

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