At the time of writing this it's almost Halloween and that means the next holiday many will be focusing on is Thanksgiving.

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The main course which helps lead to a Thanksgiving food coma is usually turkey.  It seems like especially in the last 10-15 years people have been getting more and more crafty with how they cook the bird for their feast.

Many of the old school holdouts like my dad, prefer turkey to be cooked in the oven because they are stuck in their ways.  Not to say my dad won't try a deep fried or smoked turkey if offered, but he'll never have my mom cook it those ways.

I'm somewhere in between.  I've oven prepared turkeys, deep fried them, smoked them, and kind of like it all.  I haven't gotten too crazy and tried the cotton candy turkey recipes I've seen or thrown a block of Velveeta Cheese in one while cooking it, but who knows down the road if I'll go that route for the hell of it and shock factor.

With less than a month to Thanksgiving, I'm wondering what your go-to turkey recipe is?  Do you fire up the Treager?  Deep fry it and almost burn yourself with oil or burn the house down? Or do you go old school and oven cook it?  In particular I'm curious as to ingredients or seasonings you use for flavor that many might consider odd or crazy.  Let me know, because I might just try a few of them leading up to Thanksgiving.

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