Kirk Cousins found the endzone with his legs, and also found himself creating a buzz on social media with the dance that followed.

While some were referring to it as "The Bernie" from Weekend At Bernie's and others were suggesting it was something just made up on the spot. In the end, it sounds like the dance is a signature move of Adam Thielen from his days at Minnesota State Mankato.

Apparently it's called the "dead arm dance", and social media is forgetting that while Cousins is getting the spotlight for the dance, Thielen brought the national debut on a touchdown of his own earlier in the game. The story goes that Thielen and Diggs each have their own version of the dance, and Cousins combined the two when he rushed for a touchdown late in the game.

Cousins explained in the postgame press conference that it was a move he borrowed from Thielen, and reiterated that it has roots in Adam's college days in Mankato. Kirk readily admits he isn't a dancer, and the move was "embracing my inner, uh, well my limitations as a dancer".

One fan on Twitter says while Thielen may be claiming the dance, it has roots in a music video.

Regardless of where it came from, it got folks talking on social media as the Vikings went on to defeat the Arizona Cardinals 27-17. Clearly, Kirk took some advice from a fan almost exactly a year ago, and picked a dance. YOU LIKE THAT?! Here's what people are saying:

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