The other day I heard a funny email address and I was reminded of my first email which I made when I was 14 and sounded cool at the time.

I decided to ask the rest of the MIX108 staff and see if they could remember their first emails:

Jeanne Ryan: - Anyone could of guessed this one, after all Coolbreeze is Jeanne's alter ego.

Nick Cooper: - Of course cooper had to rhyme his email address.

Ian Redmond: - In middle school we had to create a new email,  I was really into dragons and wanted it to be unique and this is what I came up with. If only I would have thought of Redwonderbread back then.

Tony Hart:  - Being a huge Star Wars nerd this one makes total sense and underscores were all the rage.

Looks like aol and hotmail were the two most used email addresses here at the station. If you remember your first email write it below in the comments or tell us what you think of ours.

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