Potholes are a constant problem in this area, with the varying temperatures ranging from arctic chill to downright hot no wonder the streets of Duluth are constantly buckling and cracking.

Just the other day I saw a crew with a blow torch trying to fill some of the potholes on 4th street and 26th Avenue East. and that is a brand new paved road! On top of the fact that section of 4th street was closed for months to do something and then re- pave. What a pain!

I drive a car that is pretty low to the ground so I have to keep my eyes peeled at all times, and if it is bitter cold out and you hit one of those bad boys it sounds like a bomb going off in your car. I know that the street department does the best that they can, and it is a constant problem.

So, if your car sustains damage from a pothole what do you do?

According to NETQUOTE Insurance companies will only cover the damage if you have collision Insurance on your vehicle, and most policies will have a deductible that may be even higher than the cost to repair the damage. Also something to think about is if your Insurance will go up for reporting a claim? All of this is important to speak to an agent about before filing for a claim in the first place.

If your vehicle is damaged from a pothole on a Minnesota Freeway, in this area we have a MNDOT Headquarters located at 1123 Mesaba Ave in Duluth The phone number is 218-725-2700 . Your first step is to report the pothole, then you need to fill out a Torte Claim CLICK HERE and the Minnesota Department of Transportation will then investigate the incident.

If your vehicle is damaged by a pothole in the City of Duluth your best bet is to contact the street maintenance division by filling out this Form Click Here

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