The battle of late-night television.  It's not very frequent that I actually get a chance to watch because I'm usually asleep by the time it comes on.  But I haven't always been an early riser.  I used to watch Conan O'Brien every night.  Even when I was in high school.  So I'm totally Team Coco.  However, they say that your late-night host preferences can tell a lot about your personality.  So decide on who is your favorite and see if you agree.  Be sure to comment and let me know your favorite and let me know if it rings true for you.

If you prefer…

CONAN O’BRIEN – You’re a charming fighter. Conan is known for his self-deprecating wit – a comedy style that appeals to you because you, too, are charmingly modest. You also share a tenacious drive. Just as Conan moved to another network rather than throw in the towel, so would you take on the most colossal challenges rather than give up on your dreams.

JIMMY FALLON – You’re multifaceted. Odds are you have lots of interests and can do a lot of different things easily. Hyper-curious, you’re drawn to Jimmy because his talk show has more variety. Whether he’s talking with a guest, strumming his guitar or inviting a celebrity to duke it out with audience members in a mock game of charades, Fallon never bores because he’s willing to try anything – just like you.

JIMMY KIMMEL – You’re an insightful seeker. Kimmel finds the funny in seemingly everyday topics and events – like the skits starring his cousin Sal or parking lot attendant Guillermo – and can turn a simple concept such as a hidden camera in a temp agency into a laugh-out-loud moment. Like Jimmy, you see possibilities in unexpected places. Rather than being drawn to the obvious, you prefer challenges that require your unique insight.

JAY LENO – You’re a mentally tough smartie. While polls suggest popular opinion was with Team Coco during the recent late-night tug-of-war, you remained loyal to Leno. And no wonder: You’re confident in your opinions and never allow others to sway you. Strong and smart, you’re as loyal to your favorite TV personalities as you are to family and friends.

CRAIG FERGUSON – You’re open-minded. One thing that sets Craig apart from the other hosts? His Scottish brogue. And it’s that outsider-looking-in perspective that he mines for comedy gold. Ferguson brings a unique voice to late-night, and you love that because you can enjoy seeing things from an off-kilt perspective.

DAVID LETTERMAN – You’re an irreverent wordsmith. Very few hosts are quicker with a comeback than Letterman, and you love him for that because you have a fast mind yourself. Instead of clamming up when challenged, you’re able to rise to any occasion. In fact, wit is your best weapon against enemies – and your best tool for making friends.