The website made a list of 11 unassuming restaurants to add to your Minnesota bucket list and a few Northland restaurants made the cut.

The writers on the website were told not to judge a book by it's cover and they were surprised by these good restaurants. Two Northland restaurants even made the list and here's what the site side about them:

  • Gordy's Hi-Hat - Here's another roadside burger joint that has become a can't-miss stop for anyone heading up north. Their hand-pattied burgers are piled high with flavor.
  •  Duluth Grill - Judging by the building's small signage and plain brick facade, you might not go out of your way to stop at Duluth Grill. You'd be wrong. This restaurant prides itself on serving up creative new dishes alongside old favorites.

The only other place I'd add would be A & Dubs in the West End of Duluth. Let me know what other places you would add to your Minnesota dining bucket list in the comments and here's the other restaurants on the list:

  • Earl's Drive-In (Roseau)
  • Kaffe Stuga (Harris)
  • Trieu Chau (St. Paul)
  • Uncle Frankie's (Minneapolis)
  • Rock Creek Cafe (Rock Creek)
  • On's Thai Kitchen (St. Paul)
  • El Taco Reindo (Minneapolis)
  • Matt's Bar (Minneapolis)
  • Big Daddy's Old Fashioned Barbecue (St. Paul)