Will Ferrell recently took to Reddit to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on behalf of his non-profit Cancer For College.  It was all pretty standard Q & A's until a certain rapper joined the mix.

Snoop Dogg posted his own question to Ferrell.


  • 'ayy Will, imma need some more cowbell on tha next album, u game?'

    Ferrell seemed more than eager at first.

    Kevin Winter, Getty Images Entertainment
  • 'Of course! I'm absolutely game, Snoop. I've also got some beats that I want to run by you. I'm warning you now, they're not good. edit: In fact, I just talked myself out of it. I'm not going to show them to you.'

    However, I think the most important probably the best idea ever came from Snoop soon after.

    Frazer Harrison, Getty Images Entertainment
  • 'boats n hoes part 2 uhearme !! we may need 2 climb some trees first'

    Ferrel seemed more than happy to climb a few trees.

    Kevin Winters, Getty Images Entertainment
  • 'I got a lot of trees at my house. Eucalyptus, pine and california oak.'


    All joking aside, a Snoop Dogg and Will Ferrell Collaboration may be the best idea of the year and it's still February!

    Frazer Harrison, Getty Images Entertainment