It's that time of the month where I check the Old Farmer's Almanac to see what they are predicting for the month ahead. Although, in the Twin Ports, that can be quite the task.

Just in the past few weeks alone, the Twin Ports has seen a roller coaster in terms of the weather. We had a massive drop in temperature near the end of May, which is when it is supposed to be warm and sunny! At one point, the forecast also called for frost.

So is June when we finally get to leave the weather roller coaster behind and soak in the summer temperatures? According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, the answer is yes.

I looked at their predictions for the month ahead and it looks like summer will be here to stay with no frost or massive temperature drop in the forecast - for now.

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We can expect some thunderstorm activity off and on throughout the month, but otherwise we are looking at a pretty good outlook!

Kicking off the month, the Old Farmer's Almanac says we will see a few thunderstorms and hot temperatures. Things will then cool off a bit near June 12th.

From that time through the 16th, expect sunshine and warm temperatures. Thunderstorms will then return with temperatures cooling off just a bit. We will round out the month with sunshine and warm conditions once again as we head into July.

The best news of it all is that we should be a few degrees above our average temperature for the month, with an average of about sixty-five degrees.

Recently, the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center issued an outlook for the end of May through the first week or so of June. They state that you can expect a warm end to the month and average rainfall.

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