Several places around Minnesota have been dealing with significant flooding in recent weeks, with both Northern Minnesota and Southern Minnesota seeing among the worst of the impacts.

Visuals of shockingly high water levels at Gooseberry Falls, closures of parks like Fort Snelling State Park, and damage like that seen in the Mankato area near the Rapidan Dam have drawn a stark contrast to the drought conditions we've experienced over the last few years.

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Valleyfair in Shakopee is also seeing flooding impacts from the heavy rain seen across the state. Park officials shared this week that high river levels on the nearby Minnesota River have forced the closure of three popular rides and have also created impacts for the park's parking areas.

What rides are closed due to flooding?

Three attractions on the western side of Valleyfair have been closed due to being in the flood zone. Two roller coasters, Excalibur and Renegade, have been closed along with the water-based ride Thunder Canyon, which is between the two roller coasters.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Could other rides also be closed?

Valleyfair officials say that the rest of the park is "above the current projected crest", which means it doesn't look like flood concerns should expand beyond the three rides currently being impacted by closures.

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How is parking being impacted?

Valleyfair is asking guests attending during this time to use one of the three parking options until the floodwaters recede. They say visitors will not need to pay for parking or busing from the noted locations below:

  • Canterbury Park Overflow Lot: Their overflow lot across from Canterbury (see the yellow highlighted section of the map below) will be open to Valleyfair guests and MVTA buses will be provided from 9am until park close. Buses are ADA compliant, will run every 15-20 minutes, and are free of charge. You MUST get on the buses that have VALLEYFAIR on their digital header.
  • MVTA’s Southbridge Crossings Park & Ride and Eagle Creek Park & Ride Stations: Buses from both of these stations to the park will be provided to Valleyfair guests from 9am until park close. Buses are ADA compliant, will run every 15-20 minutes, and are free of charge. You MUST get on the buses that have VALLEYFAIR on their digital header.
  • Valleyfair Overflow Parking Lot: Parking is limited to the unpaved, grassy area behind the parking lot. ONLY FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLES WITH ADEQUATE CLEARANCE WILL BE ALLOWED TO USE THIS PARKING LOT. Guests will be guided into the lot and then directed where to park by Valleyfair associates. This parking area is very limited and is not wheelchair accessible. For accessible parking options, please utilize any of the other options.
Valleyfair/Google Maps
Valleyfair/Google Maps

What should I do if I had plans to visit?

Visitors are still welcome and all remaining rides and attractions are still available. If you decide you want to visit on a different date, you can move your visit to another day by using the Valleyfair Guest Portal.

Valleyfair says they do not offer refunds related to weather, unless you purchased their ticket insurance option.

How long is the flooding expected to last?

Valleyfair officials have been monitoring the situation, saying current projections show the Minnesota River cresting on Saturday, June 29, though they do not currently know how long it will take for the floodwaters to recede enough to allow the closed areas to reopen.

As they note in a press release, it is heavily weather-dependent. If more rain comes, this could delay things further. They say they'll be updating the situation via their social media.

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