I am a huge fan of Halloween, the candy, scary movies, costumes and of course The William A. Irvin Haunted Ship in Canal Park,

Each and every year I camp out broadcasting live at the entrance of the ship and watch as person after person hesitantly climbs up the steps into the boiler room of the ship, maybe never to return again?

The theme of this years haunted tours is "READY FOR A REAL SCARE" and knowing the crew that they have, it will happen. Months and months of preparation go into set design and planning, but the pay off is always big, as thousands of brave souls navigate the ship. Opening night is Friday October 2nd!

I have said for years how I have heard story upon story of actual paranormal activity that has been witnessed on the ship from the staff, which in my mind just adds to the scare factor. Check out the video below that one of my co-workers put together, just make sure you watch it before the tour!