Here comes the rush of holiday movies, and it seems with one of them out this week, they are trying to stick to the same old story line, but do they pull it off?

Photo courtesy of Willie Waffle

Here is a look at 2 movies out this week, reviewed by our very own Movie Critic Willie Waffle.

1.) Love the Coopers:

This movie follows the theme of so many Holiday movies, the family gets together everyone is crabby, depressed, and fighting constantly makes you miserable. They do show the cute dog just to keep you interested in the movie. Vibe of the film is no negative that by the end you don't even care anymore. It does have some major players in the cast, but even they can't rescue this.

Willies Rating: 1 Waffle Out of 4

2.) The 33

This is the true story of the 33 Chilean miners trapped for over 60 days when the mine collapses. Antonio Banderas does an amazing job as the morally centered leader in the group, leading inspirational speeches and giving the men the will to survive. The visual effects are stunning and make you feel like you are really stuck with them in the mine.

Willie's Rating: 2 1/12 Stars out of 4