Matt Damon fans rejoice as his new movie was #1 at the box office this weekend, so what did Willie Waffle think of "The Martian?" Keep reading to find out.

Willie Waffle, Mix 108 Movie Critic

It has been a long time since Willi Waffle was this excited about a movie and given the Box Office haul it made this weekend, he was right on the money. According to Willie, this is a great idea for a movie, a space mission to mars when a massive storm hits. Debris is flying everywhere and some of it hits Matt Damon, he is still alive, but his crew takes off leaving him for dead. Willie also said he loves how Damon talks to the crowd during the film, making you feel part of the movie and his cocky, charming character makes it fun while showing the strength of the human spirit.

Willie Waffles Rating: 4 out 4 of Waffles!!