Some big budget movies with some big stars premiered today, who is coming out on top according to Willie Waffle?

Photo courtesy of Willie Waffle

Each Friday morning Cooper and I welcome Willie Waffle to the show. He is a nationally known Movie Critic and we are so lucky to have him. Here is a rundown of what is in theaters now, and Willies reviews.

  1. ) The Intern: Robert De Niro is a senior citizen who embarks on a new adventure, and Anne Hathaway is the boss learning from his wisdom. Great cast who seemed to have good chemistry together. Movie was really enjoyable, only downside way to many serious scenes and mellow drama that was unnecessary. Ratings:  2 1/2 WAFFLES

  2.) Everest: This dangerous thriller of a movie with these hikers facing the worst       storm ever! Of course since it is a movie they have way to many perfect moments, the guy who has to survive to get back to his wife and baby, the normal guy just wanting to do something special. But good cast and overall good time watching it.

Ratings: 3 WAFFLES

3.) Green Inferno:  A group of ambitious young people head off to The Rain Forest to help protect it  when the plane goes down.  If are into gory, slasher horror movies this is right up your alley. You may want to pass on the popcorn on this one.

Ratings: 1/2 Waffle