The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a $1.9 million contract to a Sturgeon Bay, WI company to dredge the Duluth-Superior Harbor.

Roen Salvage Co. will start the work of dredging approximately 150,000 cubic yards of material from the harbor and dump the dredged material at a 40th Avenue West site.

The dredging work will start in August and wrap-up mid-November.

“We are pleased to award this contract that will keep Duluth-Superior Harbor open to commercial shipping traffic and provide dredged material for beneficial use in the restoration of 40th Avenue West,” said Lt. Col. Dennis Sugrue, district engineer. “Duluth-Superior Harbor provides for low-cost waterborne transportation of commodities such as iron ore, coal and limestone which translates directly into more competitive American steel, lower cost energy and lower cost concrete for construction in our cities and on our highways.”


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