Law enforcement and DNR authorities have confirmed the cause of a blaze that burned around 9,000 acres of land near Barnes, Wisconsin through the middle of this week.

Authorities announced via Twitter they found the fire was caused by logging equipment in the area. According to the DNR, one of the loggers attempted to extinguish the flames after noticing smoke, while the other attempted calling 911. There is an extensive logging operation in and around the fire area.

The DNR says all roads are open again and power has been restored through the area. They do urge caution, however, as there are still crews working on hotspots in the area. They also urge anyone concerned about property that may have been damaged in the fire to call their hotline at (715) 376-4185 to inquire about status, or arrange escorted visits.

UPDATE: Authorities report as of 12:26 pm, no changes have been made to the injury count, or structure damage: 0 injuries, 47 structures lost to the fire including 17 residences, and 77 structures saved.


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