Oops! A gas station in Wisconsin had a little bit of a fail, accidentally charging customers just 28 cents a gallon.

The incident happened just a few days ago on Monday, August 26th. The gas station is a BP located in Brookfield. Brookfield is located not too far from Milwaukee.

Police and employees were made aware of the fail because people kept calling the cops saying that cars were coming and going and the lot was full. When they looked into the cheap gas price, they discovered that a clerk had accidentally typed in the wrong price.

KWQC News says "at least 100 people" got the gas at a cheap price, leaving the gas station out about 3-thousand dollars. Yikes!

It could have been a lot worse. While that is a lot of people and a lot of money, imagine how much they would have lost out on if they hadn't discovered the mistake until hours later.

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