Growing up in a Milwaukee suburb I was lucky enough to live in a city with lot's of ethnic diversity. And with that comes some traditional foods from other countries, but I have to say I have never heard of this dish before. Apparently it is a German food and even the sound of it makes we want to barf. I am not sure what they call it there, but in Wisconsin it is lovingly called "A Cannibal Sandwich."


According to

 If you’ve never heard of this delicacy, it’s probably because you don’t live in Wisconsin (and you have some self-respect). Cannibal sandwiches, also known as “tiger meat,” are essentially raw ground beef topped with sliced raw onions and sandwiched between two slices of rye bread.


I am someone who many of you know has to have my steaks and burgers super well done, no pink and there are people eating sandwiches made out of raw ground beef? I won't even give that to my dogs for fear they would get sick. Apparently the Wisconsin Department of Health feels the same when it comes to human consumption:

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Back in 2018 The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel listed this as one of Wisconsin"s favorite Holiday Foods . What? I will stick with Kringle thank you and hard pass on this hot mess. And for everyone who claims people have been eating this for years and never got sick, I say they just have gotten lucky so far.

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