A Wisconsin police department is capitalizing on the popularization of a catchphrase tied to a popular adult beverage to remind the public to be smart and follow the law.

The phrase “Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws” has quickly caught on with the popularity of the alcoholic seltzer drink White Claw. While you might feel that way after a few, the Kenosha Police Department is stepping in to say otherwise.

The KPD shared on social media this week that despite the catchiness of the phrase, all the same laws do indeed apply whether it is White Claw or any other alcoholic beverage. The reminder ultimately encourages everyone to drink responsibly and to never drink and drive.

Neilson shared earlier this year that consumption of hard seltzer drinks like White Claw this summer is expected to be up 193% over last summer. The only faster-growing ready-made alcoholic beverage is hard kombucha, at 247%.

Part of the reason for the popularity of hard seltzer beverages like White Claw according to SevenFiftyDaily is that these brands have “positioned themselves at the nexus of convenience and health”, being ready-to-drink and having lower calorie counts per serving than other ready-to-drink beverages like beer and wine. Other reasons for popularity cited include low relative prices and lower relative alcohol content per serving.

The “healthier alternative” and lower alcohol values may have inspired the “all rules are off” mindset toward the beverage line in the sense that they come with less guilt than other beverages, but at least one police department wants to remind you that the rules still very much apply when it comes to being responsible when drinking.

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