Before everyone in Superior and the rest of Northern Wisconsin loose their minds over this, first of all I did not conduct this survey and second I grew up in Milwaukee so I do have an opinion on this. But, who knows some of you may also give this a big thumbs up.

According to a survey that was done from 2011-2013 Wisconsin ranks #1 not only in the heaviest drinkers per capita but also biggest binge drinkers in the U.S. If you go through any small or average size town in the state of Wisconsin you will see more bars than churches, plus in Southern Wisconsin you can buy hard liquor in a grocery store.

I have become very Minnesota made in that it does not seem weird anymore how early bars close, or that liquor stores are closed on Sunday and places sell 3.2. beer. Every state needs something to brag about, and again I am sure plenty of cheeseheads would show this off as a badge of honor. For more details on this study Click Here


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