For many of us setting up a lemonade stand in the front yard or maybe down the block was a right of passage in our childhood. Innocent fun trying to get get a toe hold in the business world or for me to have some extra cash to buy candy and ice cream.

But over the years this simple set up has caused some controversy with police even having to shut them down.  For kids in Wisconsin under the age of 18 they may soon be able to sell lemonade or Kool aid whatever they choose with out hassle or needing a permit.

The bill is far from becoming a law just yet as it faces a few more steps. It still has to pass the Assembly and be signed by Gov. Tony Evers before becoming law. If this does go through there still would be some restrictions in order to protect consumers such as " They couldn’t sell more than $2,000 of lemonade a year, or 8,000 cups at 25 cents a pop. And they would also be barred from selling any potentially hazardous food, like raw meat and egg salad."

Sounds pretty reasonable, and with the cold weather creeping in lemonade stands in Wisconsin will most like br on hold until next summer and maybe the bill will have passed by then, For more on this story click here.

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