WDIO reports that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker enacted a Sales Tax Holiday going on for the next 4 days, on certain items. The items exempt includes clothing items and school supplies $75 or less per item. Computer purchases $750 or less and school computer supplies $250 or less.

For many people not paying sales tax on certain items can mean the difference between buying the item at all, or being able to buy more of something. The timing of the tax holiday was purposely close to the beginning of school to help give parents a little bit of a break.

Vaughn Russom who is the UWS Bookstore Manager said that this tax holiday will really help students as well.The tax free discount does not apply to books, but does apply to clothing and school supplies so in the end students can stock up and save money.

So if you are waiting on maybe getting a big ticket item go to Wisconsin and buy it now. The Sales Tax Holiday is in effect today through Sunday. For more information on what is and isn't exempt CLICK HERE

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