It is heartbreaking to hear and see stories every day of children and teens who disappear, and for many of these families they never give up hope. For one Wausau Wisconsin family, their hopes and prayers finally came true.

Connie McCallister was just 16 years old as she left to go to a party with her then 22 year old boyfriend on August 15th 2004 and never returned. According to Connie her boyfriend had drugged her and taken her to Mexico. Connie endured constant abuse form her abductor and seemed to follow that pattern with more men she had met down in Mexico.

Unable to speak Spanish, her return to the U.S. became a long and harrowing process to get help and reach out to her family. McCallister now has 3 children and is with a man who she claims has been good to her and who wants to join her back in the U.S. McCallisters family hopes that news of her being found will be an ispiration and give hope to other families who are in a similar situation. For more on this story <click here>

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