HARIBO has been making gummy candies for over 100 years and recently celebrated its first factory in America with a new world record in Wisconsin.

HARIBO is best known for its Goldbears gummy bears candy and they used about 150,000 of them to claim the World's Largest Jelly/Gummy Candy Mosaic record from Guinness World Records.

The 353-square-foot mosaic was built in four hours at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, in Kenosha with the help of 300 HARIBO employees, families, friends, and the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha.


They used 12-inch square trays with the design printed on them, and it was assembled like a paint-by-number painting using different color gummy bears.

Not only was this a great way to celebrate the new gummy factory in Kenosha, but it was used to launch and new fan art contest called #HOWiHARIBO. The new contest is inviting fans to submit their gummy art creations on Instagram with the hashtag #HOWiHARIBO, the top prize is $5,000 and more details about the contest can be found here.


Seth Klugherz, Vice President of Marketing at HARIBO of America said, "We hope this larger-than-life mosaic brings smiles to our fans' faces and encourages them to continue to show us their creativity through the #HOWiHARIBO contest in 2024."

HARIBO is based in Germany and has 16 gummy factories in 11 countries, the latest being the Kenosha factory, which can make up to 100 million Goldbears every day and is the best-selling gummy candy in America.

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