David After the Dentist,” we have your female counterpart. YouTube user Amcooksey has posted a video her mom shot of her right after she had her wisdom tooth removed, and was still doped up on the anesthesia.

With her mouth swelled and her brain floating, the teen is a bit hard to understand. But through her mumbling haze, she starts to make clear references to the world of boy wizard  Harry Potter.

After lamenting the fact she has no idea where she is, Amcooksey comes to quite the altered reality conclusion. “I’m in Hogwarts. I’m a wizard. I bet they put a spell on me,” she mumbles.

She then seems to mix up her popular film franchises up by saying she was going to use her “lightsaber” to get revenge.

Well, at least she isn’t a ‘Hunger Games’ fan. Drugged up with a lightsaber is cute, but chemically impaired with a bow and arrow is just plain dangerous.

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