I know people say never say never, but I have never ran out of gas in my life! Well I almost had to cross that off my list today.

I have a smaller car and get great gas mileage, so I admit I have pushed it when my gas light has gone off, but I was always near a gas station. I had to leave work today and go run a quick errand, so as  I pulled out of the parking lot my gas light went off right away, no problem I thought I am not going far.

Well, on my way back to the station I got stuck at every light and as I was crawling up Central Entrance my car started to sputter a little bit. So, what do I do? I gun it, the worse thing to do because obviously you burn more gas. Thankfully I made it to the gas station in the nick of time, but it made me think it will be getting colder soon so remember If possible try to keep your tank at least half full to prevent your gas line from freezing.

It was a good wake up call for me today to not push the envelope, because god knows my mood would not have been good If I got stuck somewhere and would have had to hoof it to and from a gas station with a gas can today! Lesson learned, not gonna be in that spot again.

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