Some women carry gum or mints in their purse. Marie Chester carries dinner for a big family.

Police in Fort Pierce, Florida arrested the 40-year-old woman last week for shoplifting six full racks of ribs and two packs of oxtails from a supermarket. Somehow, she carried out the food in her pocketbook. The items she took were worth $57.60.

A store manager spotted Chester fill her cart before taking the merchandise down another aisle and sliding it into her purse. She then headed to the register where she paid for under $2 worth of goods before leaving the store.

The manager stopped her, at which point he looked inside the purse to see it was being used as a meat locker.

All the food Chester swiped was given back to the store. Let’s just hope she cleans out the bag when she’s released from jail and decides to use it to perhaps shoplift a Toyota.

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