A woman at a Major League Baseball Game Made a complete idiot of herself and she is being shamed all over the Internet for stealing a baseball right out of a little girls hands at a game.

What is ironic about this whole thing is she looks pretty strikingly like Kris Jenner,( Kim Kardashians mom) and the smug high fives from the major jerks who were sitting behind her is beyond comprehension.

How could this woman who is standing next to a bunch of kids behind the dug out possibly think that one of the players was throwing the ball to her? Are you kidding me? And shame on all the adults sitting there who just shake their heads, I would have jumped up and grabbed that ball right out of her hand and gave her a piece of my mind.

Then I would have trotted up the stairs and given it to that poor little girl. Shame on you lady who thinks she is all that, yes you are something and that is a real piece of work. Shame Shame...


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