I have not been inside a Walmart for quite a while, I am a big believer in ordering items online and driving up to the store and picking items up. But apparently from what I have heard is that the store has closed down most of the lanes where a Walmart employee checks you out, forcing most customers to do the self-checkout lanes.

Well, not too surprising some people out there feel like they can beat the system by pretending to scan items and then walk out of the store with the stolen items, but now Walmart is cracking down on these thieves.

According to Tellmebest an alleged former employee at Walmart said: "The workers who man the self-checkout have a device with software that halts the scanning procedure, pausing the register machines if the employee notices shoplifting." Whether this is true or not I am pretty confident that any stores that have a self-checkout option must have some type of technology besides an employee physically watching people use the stations.

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According to ABC 12, Michigan State Police investigated a female who did not scan items on multiple visits to a self-checkout station at Walmart. Security footage showed that she ended up stealing more than $1,000 worth of merchandise. She was stopped by an employee before leaving the store who did attempt to get her to pay for the unscanned products. After arguing with the employee the woman left the store and police were contacted. The woman was identified and eventually arrested and is being charged with first-degree retail fraud.

You see this all the time in both local and national retail chains of people being caught on camera walking right out the door of stores, with employees being very limited on what they can actually do to stop the customer from leaving. But like this woman in Michigan, they caught her on tape multiple times, and eventually, she was caught. Food for thought for anyone who is thinking about trying this themselves, smile you are on camera!

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