WFRV reports that those of you that have a Menards "Big Card" credit card may want to pay very close attention to their next statement due to a security breach. Several cardholders that were not aware of the security issue did not find out until they were actually in the store and attempted to use their card.

Once customers card was declined at the check out lane  which left her very confused because she knew she had plenty of credit on her card. She came to find out that Menards had canceled her card as a precaution but she never received the notice in the mail. Menards did say it was a Menards Security Breach and not Capitol One.

Susan Bach from The Better Business Bureau said that when social security numbers are possibly used in a security breach you should do a credit freeze. " With a credit freeze, which is free, you can lock down or freeze your credit report, so that if anybody attempts to open up a new line of credit; they wouldn’t be able to."

JESSIE O’MARA, FROM MARKETING MENARD INC. released the following statement "It appears that a group of traveling criminals is guessing at credit card numbers at gas pumps and when they hit upon a valid number, they are making unauthorized purchases. Capital One, the company that owns and administers the BIG Card, tells us that these are isolated incidences and that the problem has been resolved. It also appears that Federal Law Enforcement is hot on the heels of the culprits."

Situations like this are becoming more and more common these days and all of us as consumers need to make sure we keep a keen eye on all of our accounts. Thankfully it sounds like they caught this quickly.


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