The Minnesota Public Utilities Commision approved an interim rate increase for all Minnesota Power customers beginning January 1 2020. The increase of 5.8% will cause the average residents bill to go up around $4.50 per month.

These temporary rates will be in place until the Public Utility Commission decides on whether to grant Minnesota Power it's full rate increase which could take 12-18 months. If the P.U.C.(Public Utility Commission) approves a full rate that is less than the interim rate hike of 5.8%, Minnesota Power will refund customers the difference with interest.

In it's initial filing last month Minnesota Power asked to increase its residential rates by 15% and business rates by 10% . The company went on to say" If the full rate increase is approved, the average residential customer now paying $78 per month would pay an additional $11.66 per month, while the average small business would pay an additional $30.05 per month."

According to the Duluth News Tribune "a series of public meetings on Minnesota Power’s proposed full rate increase will be held in 2020, and an administrative law judge will deliver a non-binding recommendation to the PUC by Sept. 1."

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