In Angora, Minnesota sits Alango School and by all appearances is old-looking but in great shape from all the renovations, and includes a residence built on the property for the principal, with two garages and 10 acres of land.

I'm sure you are saying to yourself, that you could do so much more and turn the whole property into little mini dwellings, but that won't happen because the school is on the National Registry of Historic Places, according to the listing it's had many renovations and restorations to keep its old charm.

The former students and people from the area love this building and it sounds like they really want someone to love this building too. They have created a Facebook page to talk about it and show some stories about the building. I think they would buy it but it needs to be lived it or taken care of to keep it up.

The school features all you would expect - classrooms, bathrooms, library, gym, locker rooms, cafeteria. It would be good for a family dwelling, or someone that has a large family.  On the upper level, there is a 3 bedroom/1 bathroom living quarters. This property could be used for many things, it would be the perfect area if you are an artist and need somewhere to work, it would be roomy

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According to the website, Alango School was founded in 1926. The building is a design by Elwin H. Berg, Architect. In 1937, Paul S. Damberg, Architect, designed the gymnasium/stage addition which also contained additional classroom space and locker rooms; (which are not pictured). This is a durable school and has lasted through many storms and tornados. It sits at the corner of Highways 22 and 25, and about 10 acres of land.

This school and land are beloved by the townspeople and the students of the school. So, if you plan on buying it, you need to meet the people and take care of the school. Which makes it all that much more of a valuable building.

Here's the locker room, not pictured in the gallery.

If you think the rooms to the school look a little cold to live in and do not have a lot of personalities, there is a residence on the property that the principal used to live in. There aren't pictures available of the inside of that building in the gallery so I posted the picture from the Facebook page. You can't see the whole thing but you can get an idea.

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