The first time I saw the Shake Weight I laughed like a 13 teen year old boy at the sight of grown men and women shaking this ridiculous looking and contraption with a gigantic smiles on their faces, I just had the same reaction to this new exercise gadget from Korea, the "Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power".

With motions that would make a sailor blush, this exercise gadget takes the cake for the most absurd device ever sold to chubby people. The mini infomercial in complete with a "real life" reenactment with a husband using (gyrating like Magic Mike) the Ace Power while the wife delivers him a tasty beverage at about the 4:45 mark, I dare you not to laugh.

It's not available in the US yet, if it does make it here it would need a new name, Ace Power isn't very catchy, how about, "The Thruster", thruster? I hardly even know her!

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