NBC News is reporting that a student at a school 20 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania high school went on a stabbing spree this morning as school doors opened for the day (Wednesday, April 9), sending 20 students to the hospital. Some of those injured have life-threatening injuries.

The individual behind the stabbings is a sophomore at Franklin Regional High School in the Pittsburgh suburb of Murrysville, which is where the incident took place. This student is in custody and is being questioned by police as of the time of this report. Dan Stevens, the Westmoreland County emergency management spokesman, told NBC News they have no motive at this time.

Seven teenagers and an adult were taken to the local hospital, receiving treatment for stab wounds to the chest, back and abdomen. At least two of the students were rushed into surgery for their injuries, while others are undergoing X-ray and CT scans to assess injuries. Medical professionals do expect everyone to live at this point.

More details will be reported as they become available.