If you don't have your costume ready for Halloween, you better hurry! If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you're in luck, here are 5 masks that will still make it in time.

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    Middle Finger

    If you're someone who doesn't like Halloween, this mask will show everyone your friendly disposition while celebrating.

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    Crying Baby

    As someone who currently lives with a baby, I will say that this mask is enough to give any parent a panic attack.

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    Poop Emoji

    I love the poop emoji, it says so much and can be used in so many situations, I consider it the Swiss Army knife of Emojis.

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    Happy Cow

    I love the look on this cow's face, pair it up with a suit and you might have a winner of a costume here.

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    Marvin The Martian

    Anyone who watched Looney Tunes growing up will recognize this fella, it's Marvin The Martian. This will surely be the hit of any party and I can't imagine anyone else at the party will be wearing too.