From Nirvana to Bob Dylan there have been a few songs to mention Duluth. Check out the list and let me know if you heard of these songs before. 


  • Nirvana - 'Lake Of Fire'

    Originally sung by the Meat Puppets in the 80's, Nirvana covered it in 1994 during their MTV Unplugged  In New York performance. The Kirkwood brothers (Meat Puppets) even joined the band for the performance. The line that features Duluth is "I knew a lady who came from Duluth, she got bit by a dog with a rabid tooth".

  • Bob Dylan - 'Something There Is About You'

    'Rainy days on the Great Lakes, walkin the hills of old Duluth' is the line that sticks out here. The song was written in 1973 and it's no surprise that Dylan had at least one reference of Duluth in one of his many songs.

  • Alice Cooper - 'Remarkably Insincere'

    In 1982 Alice Cooper released his fourteenth studio albulm that featured a small nod to Duluth. I feel like he used it just to rhyme but it still counts! 'That's why I left Duluth,

    sometimes I stretch the truth'

  • Frankie Yankovic - 'Duluth Polka'

    Who doesn't love a good polka every now and then? Yankovic released this gem in 1954 and tilted it 'Duluth Polka'. There may be no lyrics to it, but you can feel the Duluth vibe with it.

  • Atmosphere - 'Shhh' (NSFW)

    Minneapolis rapper Atmosphere wanted to make a song for the state he calls home. There's a lot of Minnesota references throughout the song, but the Duluth one comes towards the end of the song where 'Duluth, Minnesnowta' is simply mentioned.


  • Honorable Mention: Trampled By Turtles - 'Duluth'

    When the song is your hometown. Simple, sweet, Duluth.