It's back to school time and you can't go back with the same lame stuff that everyone else will have, be unique with your back to school selection this year. I took 5 of the most popular back to school items and went shopping all around Duluth to find the most unique items I could, here are my top 5 and where to find them.

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    100% Recycled Paper Notebook

    Walmart - $2.47

    Although it's not the cheapest notebook paper you'll find for back to school, but it is the most environmentally friendly paper you'll find. Made from 100% recycled paper, Sasquatch brand is "paper with a past, present and future".

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    Jumbo Owl Eraser

    Michael's - $2.00

    For those really big mistakes that you don't want anyone to know "woo" did it, check out this awesomely huge eraser that I found at Michael's. I hope you have a big pocket to carry this eraser in, check out the nickel in the corner, that will give you an idea how big this thing is.

    I Took This Pic
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    Pens Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

    Walmart - $2.97

    Again, you'll find like the paper from above, these pens aren't the cheapest, but being an environmental warrior isn't cheap, if that's your thing! Pilot, the maker of the pens, claims that these are the "World's First Pens Made From Recycled Bottles". The B2P (bottles 2 pens) pens are made from 89% recycled content. Combine the pens with the paper and you'll tell the rest of your classmates that you are serious about your tree hugging!

    One Guess, Yep Me!
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    Foldable, Flexable Solar Power Calculator

    Office Max - $2.99

    Everyone will want to touch and play with your calculator, I bet you thought that would NEVER happen. This calculator is made of rubber and is solar powered, although there does appear to be a battery in it. You can fold, bend and generally contort this thing many ways and it will still work, not to mention it's spill proof!

    Me Again
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    Rubber Band Ball

    Target - $2.00

    Some may say that this isn't any fun because this rubber band ball is already done, but no one else has to know that. Maybe you can just use it as a starting point to build a giant ball that will make your classmates jealous with envy. Either way rubber band balls are cool and this one can be yours for back to sChOOL!

    Photo by Me