If you win our $10,000 cash contest you'll have to decide what to do with all that money, and it might be an easy decision for you, on the other hand, you might struggle to come up with an idea, so I've come up with five ways to blow 10K in Duluth.

  • Take 500 Friends on a Grand Sightseeing Tour Vista Cruise

    At $20 per person, you can afford to take 500 friends on a Grand Sightseeing Tour aboard the Vista Star. Or you could probably rent the entire ship and have a more intimate party if you choose.

  • Eat 2000 Bowls of Grandma's Restaurant's Wild Rice Soup

    I do love me some of Grandma's wild rice soup, to me, it's the quintessential Duluth food, and at $4.99 a bowl, you could eat just over 2000 bowls, maybe not in one sitting, though.

  • Buy 86 Scout Packs from Duluth Pack

    Duluth Pack makes some of the best backpacks in the world, durable, handmade and guaranteed for life. I'm sure you know 86 people that would enjoy a gift from this fine Duluth manufacturer. For $10,000 you can 86 of these $115 backpacks.

  • Buy 571 Betty's Pies

    I realize Betty's Pies isn't in Duluth, but when it comes to amazing pie, it's close enough for me. Betty charges $17.50 for each of her pies, so with $10,000 you could get a lot of pie.

  • Season Tickets for all UMD Sports

    If you love UMD sports, you could get yourself a pair of season tickets for Bulldog men's and women's hockey, football and volleyball. Price aren't listed for the upcoming season, but $10,000 should be more than enough for the tickets and the extras like parking, concessions and gear.