Father's Day is nearly upon us.  With everyone sharing pictures of their dads, I thought I would join in.Unfortunately, both my father (Howard) and myself were not too keen on pictures.  There are literally no pictures in existence of him and I together.

Howard was actually a step-father of mine. We had the paper-work put together for my adoption and he dropped it off at the courthouse the same day he got into an accident that later claimed his life.

Even though I don't have any pictures of him and I, there is one picture I treasure though.  My little brother loved taking pictures with people.  He always insisted upon it.

Photo By Chris Tyler

This is my step-father Howard with my little brother Taylor in 1996.

As you can imagine, since Howard was only in my life a short time we have very few pictures of him at all.

About a month ago one of his nieces reached out to me on Facebook and shared with me this picture of him back in the day.  No idea what year it was.

The adoption did not go through.  The next steps in the process, he and I were to both sit down and talk to a judge explaining that we both wanted to to go ahead with the adoption.  Since he had passed away, the court had no choice but to deny the adoption.  I chose to legally change my name anyway.  He was the best father I had, even though it was only for a couple years.

Happy Father's Day to everyone.  I hope you enjoy your weekend.