The MIX 108 DJs have been a little under the weather this week, a virus is spreading across the office and causing some strange things to happen.

It all started with Jeanne Ryan and Cooper from the morning show earlier this week, after their show on Monday they couldn't open the studio door, for some reason they couldn't figure it out? They would just stand there and continually run into it as if it would magically just open, it didn't until Ian went in for his show.

They exited the studio, but not before trying to take some bites out of Ian's arm, one may have, as Ian started the strange behavior later in the day. His desk is only about 10 feet from the studio, but it would take him 5 minutes to slowly walk the short distance.

Tony started acting weird on Tuesday when he came to work with a noticeable wound on his head and moaning the entire morning, not saying one actual word.

The symptoms progressed throughout the week and now the DJs are out of control, walking around trying to eat the sales department and the management here at Townsquare Media. Can someone help us?