For tonight's dinner, I had Chinese food and got a very interesting fortune from my fortune cookie. I then started thinking, are these fortunes just random lines or were you meant to open that particular cookie?

Those loveble, weirdly shaped cookies made from flour, sugar, and vanilla that we get after we devour our Chinese food always has some words of wisdom inside. However, only restaurants in the US have the fortunes inside and not in China.

Some say the Fortune cookie originated in Japan and had the words of wisdom tucked near the side of the cookie. The cookies used to be sold to temples and shrines before being introduced to Chinese restaurants in the US. So where do these "words of wisdom" come from?

I couldn't really find a concrete answer. But the point to my research is normally you get just random words of wisdom as your fortune. Well, what if you were meant to get that fortune? Tonight my fortune said "It's the crying baby that gets the milk." I have a bay due in January. So I ask again, was it just a coincidence?

Have you ever had any weird fortunes from your cookies? Let me know in the comments below!