What haven’t we seen Chris Evans do yet? We’ve already seen him shirtless in ‘Fantastic Four,’ ‘What’s Your Number?’ opposite Anna Faris, and ‘Captain America,’ and we’ll hopefully see those abs again in ‘The Avengers.’ But we haven’t seen him shirtless while rock climbing… until now.

Thanks to Details, we have some pretty hot shots of this this handsome hunk bare chested while trying to scale a rock wall. Not only that, but the magazine also gave us a sneak underneath Evans’ manly man persona.

Looks like there’s more to this guy than meets the eye. He’s a student of Buddhism, is somewhat of a mamma’s boy and likes to fart… but we could already guess that last tidbit.

As we wait for his latest theatrical performance in ‘The Avengers,’ let’s just remind ourselves of what we’re hoping we can expect from him.