We all know that things can happen quickly on Live T.V.,  I know from personal experience that things can happen on live radio too, but this is just crazy!

KIMT News 3 reporter Adam Sallet was doing a live report from Sterling State Bank in Rochester MN when an employee from the bank runs up behind him telling him a robber just ran past. Apparently this same suspect had robbed the ban the day before and came back for more. The suspect was apprehended in the Twin Cities.
I love the look on the poor reporters face, he wants to maintain his composure but feels compelled to help at the same time. This would be such a tough job, I sure know I could never do it. On top of the fact that I would probably start laughing to much and never be able to get through a story.

Suspect near robbery scene in Rochester during MidDaySuspected Sterling State Bank robber runs by KIMT News 3 reporter Adam Sallet on live TV. Here's the initial video.

Posted by KIMT News 3 on Tuesday, December 15, 2015