No hot water? Don't panic and don't rush out and call a plumber right away it may be something as simple as a burned out pilot light in your water heater.

We had this happen to us the other day when my son accidentally turned off the gas line thinking it was the water faucet for the hose. Even after living in our house for almost 7 years, I am surprised daily with my lack of knowledge with how things work.

I know what a pilot light is, but honestly I am super nervous dealing with natural gas, and did not have the confidence to try this myself. Of course how you re-light it depends on what type of water heater you have and how old it is. Thankfully a co-worker came over and re-lit ours for us.

When our pilot light went out I found myself feverishly googling what could be wrong, and if was the pilot-light it how do you relight it? All with conflicting answers. The video below is for a gas furnace that is 3 years old or newer, but may be helpful for you or a friend in the future. Of course if you do not feel comfortable doing this, find a friend or family member to help you that has done this before.