Beijing used to be in the Plaza Strip Mall out in east Duluth but closed down in 2013. The restaurant is coming back to a new location, the old Pizza Hut building on London Road. 

Owners Cindy Lee and Chang Wang plan to open Beijing sometime this year in the old Pizza Hut building at 1918 London Road. Beijing was a very popular chinese resturaunt in it's old location and battled CVS who wanted the Plaza Strip Mall location according to an article from the Duluth News Tribune.

The restaurant was anticipated to open late winter, then moved the open to spring and now hopefully summer. They've been having trouble with the new kitchen equipment not being the right order among other things. I am a huge Chinese food fan and I loved eating at Beijing, so I'm hoping they open this summer. Cindy and Chang are also excited about opening in the new location.

Let me know what you think about Beijing coming back to Duluth in the comments below.