BreakTime Breakdown takes a look at whats going on around Hollywood and the world.

Here are today’s.

  • How Far Would You Go For A Coors Light

    So Coors Light recently had a contest called "How Far Would You Go For A Free Coors Light".  One of the three finalist was a woman out of Florida.  She filmed herself jumping off of a 50 foot cliff into the ocean.  Now she gets 24 cases of Coors Light over the next year.  That seems like a popular beer here in Duluth.  Wonder what some of you might have done.

  • Brad Pitt Attacked On Red Carpet

    At the movie premiere of 'Maleficent' Brad Pitt was attack.  It turns out it was the same prankster that tried to kiss Will Smith a few years back and most recently got hauled away for hiding underneath another celebrity's dress at Cannes.  You'd think they would have his picture given to all the security.

  • Scout Willis' Topless Protest

    Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's Daughter Scout Willis decided that Instagram's nudity policy was too strict.  So she has decided to do her own little protest.  This all came about because Instagram has deleted pictures of breast cancer survivors and mother's breastfeeding.  Scout decided to go topless in New York, where it's legal, and post the photos to her instagram.  Her account was eventually deleted.